Parenting Tips & Advice

The latest tools and tricks (and sometimes even jokes!) to rock this child rearing thing. 

image How Can We Fix Our Boys?

Men are in crisis — and if there's one thing holding our sons back, it's us.

Some Kids Are Making Millions as YouTube Stars, but Is the Fame Worth It? Should You Let Your Child Be a YouTube Star?

Parents of child YouTube stars are getting real about how their families handle the fame.

How to Keep Your Cool Around Your Kids When You're Ready to Blow All Kids Know How to Push Their Parents' Buttons, But Here's How to Keep Cool

A clinical social worker offers genius hacks for the next time you feel like blowing up at your kids.

Postpartum Care What Nobody Tells You About Postpartum Recovery

There's a lot to know about postpartum care.

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When do babies start teething? Those Baby Teethers You're Using May Not Actually Be Safe

If you're eagerly awaiting your kid's first tooth, read this.

Quotes About Kids Parents, Look Smart By Cribbing These Wise Words About Raising Kids

The insightful quotes about kids that'll get you through parenthood.

Imaginary Friend Do I Really Have to Make Dinner for My Kid's Imaginary Friend?

Imaginary friends are more common than you might think — so let's talk about them.

Tampon and Calendar Millennial Parents Have Changed the Way Families Talk About Puberty

Millennials were lucky if their parents left a book about body changes on their pillow. What are they telling their own kids about puberty and sex?

Teenage Disappointment My Phone-Addicted Teen Daughters Are a Disappointment, and It's All My Fault

There’s still some talk but absolutely zero action. “You can do anything!” has been replaced with, “Will you just do … something?"

how to tell if your child has anxiety Is Your Child Anxious?

The signs aren't always what you'd expect.

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Induce Labor Foods Sorry, but These Foods Won't Make You Go Into Labor

According to doctors, eggplant, papaya, and spicy food are not the answer to an on-time birth.

Gender Reveal Balloon Box 20+ Gender Reveal Ideas to Keep Your Guests In Suspense

Some of these DIY ideas are truly unforgettable.

Frida Mom Postpartum Underwear and More Frida Mom's Post-Birth Recovery Line Is Finally Here

This stuff is actually designed for women's bodies.

Jodie Sweetin Never Thought I'd Say This Podcast How Jodie Sweetin Launched a Podcast With Her BFF

The best frriends met in the most hilarious way.

back to school signs 15+ Creative First Day of School Photo Ideas to Get the Year Started Off Right

These cute photos will surely stand out on your Instagram and Facebook feed.

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Best First Day of School Signs Best Signs for the Perfect First-Day-of-School Picture

These sweet signs are perfect for documenting the big day.

School kids running in elementary school hallway, front view Creative Back-to-School Hacks to Make Life With Kids Way Easier

These smart tips will save you a ton of time.

Students outdoor with books Seventeen's New College Issue Is Here!

Now she can create an Insta-worthy dorm room, skip roommate drama, and save major $!

The Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping Lists The Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping Lists (From Kindergarten to College)

Just print, pin, or add these picks to your Amazon cart.

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